Loughnay is a cosmetic company that specializes in all things beauty. We're located downtown Houston, Texas inside the Social Graces Social Club Clubhouse. Retailing luxury and quality products, we take pride in offering name brands that are talc-free & organic. We love our health and beauty community and we're passionate about educating fellow makeup lovers and enthusiasts on the importance of skincare, technique, and makeup sanitation. Our Loyalty Cleaner is a brush cleaner that not only cleans makeup tools but it disinfects, conditions, and leave brushes feeling like new. No hassle of strong fragrances and oily left over residue, it has the power to lift stains and maintain its fast drying features.

We also offer on-site hair and makeup services for weddings , special events & occasions, editorials, commercial, tv & film, music videos, fashion & bridal shows, etc. Loughnay strives to give our customers an authentic and unique experience. Our motto is to keep it cute & clean. Loughnay is your one stop shop for beauty services, training, and equipment. Why search for the royal treatment when we bring it to you.

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